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Whilst being a parent can be incredibly fulfilling, it can also be the toughest gig in town. When we become parents no one gives us a “How to Manual.” We’re virtually thrown in the deep end. And let’s face it; bringing up children in this technology driven society brings with it all sorts of extra challenges that our parents didn’t have to deal with.

Face to face bullying along with cyber bullying has reached epidemic proportions. Youth suicides are on an upward spiral, as is self harm. And the ability for young boys to access porn has resulted in girls as young as twelve feeling pressured to be sexually active.

So now more than ever its incredibly important as parents that we equip our child/ren with strong self esteem, self respect and the resilience to successfully navigate the inevitable setbacks and disappointments that are part of life. Hence why I’ve designed this course. By the time you’ve completed all six models and the bonus module you’ll have the skills to ensure your child/ren grow up to be confident resilient young adults.

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  1. Giovanna - mum of two children

    How to Raise Confident Resilient children has reminded me of the importance in how I speak to my children and what I can do to build their confidence and self esteem.
    I love that I can do the program in my time and am given a parents manual which is my reference point after watching the online videos.
    Thanks Kathryn for putting things in a way that makes perfect sense and will help guide me as a parent.

  2. Brooke Newman

    Kathryn Condenses the information in a Clear, concise and fun way. She Invites the viewer to participate to gain understanding which really helped solidify the main messages she is conveying. What I take away from module one, is that many things rob a child of their self-esteem, their self worth and confidence, but we can build their self-esteem just by being aware of how we talk to children. Focusing on seeing and acknowledging the positives in children is a key factor , and even using their stumbles through life to find a positive learning. The good news is That we can apply these learnings to ourselves as the adult and begin to improve our own self-esteem. The ‘home play’ is easy to apply to my everyday life .

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